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Donor Tributes

Since its inception, The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation (SOLEIF) has been fully supported by contributions from people across America and around the world, each committed to our mission of preserving these two great monuments to liberty, heritage, and freedom.

When SOLEIF announced plans for a new museum dedicated to the history of the Statue of Liberty, the public responded once more, contributing $100 million to ensure the project’s success.

Donors were inspired for a range of reasons. Some wished to commemorate the immigrant experience, with many recalling stories of their own ancestors sailing past Lady Liberty on the final leg of the journey to a new home. Others looked to celebrate the concept of liberty – its influence, impact, and evolution.

With pledges ranging from $18.86 into the millions, thousands gave to the campaign. Every donor is recognized in the Founders Registry and a series of videos shares the stories of major donors, including one dedicated to the long history of individual donations to support the Statue.

To Honor The Museum Founders

The Founders Star represents the contributions of people from around the world who wanted to help build the Statue of Liberty Museum.

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual believes that progress happens when people feel more secure. They are proud to support the preservation of Lady Liberty’s legacy—and Her future—to keep the dream of progress alive for generations to come.

The American Express Company

American Express’s and the Statue of Liberty’s stories have been intertwined since 1885. The Statue is an inspiration to all–our employees, New Yorkers, Americans, and tourists alike. American Express is proud to have played a role in her history and future.

The Bezos Family

To Honor Miguel Bezos

“Mike continues to give back to this country that he feels blessed him in so many ways. He helps remind us all what an honor and privilege it is to be a citizen of this great nation, and the responsibility that comes with that.” Jeff Bezos

Bloomberg Philanthropies

To Honor The Immigrants Who Built NY

The American story is a story of immigrants, and no place embodies it more profoundly than New York. Immigrants built—and are still building—this city. The virtues upon which Lady Liberty stands, so powerfully captured in the sonnet that adorns her pedestal, must always remain the guiding ideals of our nation.

Charles Cahn

To Honor His Ancestors

“I am grateful to the values I inherited from my ancestors and to all that the Statue of Liberty represents.” Charles Cahn

Carnegie Corporation of NY

To Honor Andrew Carnegie

The Statue of Liberty reminds us that America is not just an actuality — it is always a potentiality. It is not just a witness of the past — it is also a guide for the present and an inspiration for the future.


To Honor Their Founder, Gabrielle Chanel

Gabrielle Chanel and the Statue of Liberty—both iconic female figures from France—symbolize freedom in their own way.

The Coca-Cola Company

In 1886, President Grover Cleveland dedicated the Statue of Liberty and the first Coca-Cola was served. For two centuries, the Coca-Cola Company has followed Lady Liberty’s lead. We celebrate her welcoming spirit, uniting all with a belief in connection through community and a desire to embrace diversity with the wisdom that there is strength in our differences.

Comcast NBCUniversal

To Honor The First Amendment

Comcast NBCUniversal is proud to support the Statue of Liberty Museum and its mission of preserving and reminding us of the freedoms represented by Lady Liberty and the foundations on which America was built.

Judy & Jamie Dimon and Family

To Honor America's Young People, Our Country's Future

The Statue of Liberty symbolizes justice, equity, diversity and all of the other values that make America a beacon of freedom and opportunity. The grit, courage, imagination, determination, and sense of humanity embodied by young people assure us that America’s future is in great hands!

The Walt Disney Company

The legacy of “the Lady of the Harbor” has been woven into the tapestry of America—and into the fabric of The Walt Disney Company—in the stories we tell and the many voices we celebrate. Like the Statue of Liberty, Disney recognizes the importance of strength through diversity.

Michael & Linda Donovan

To Honor All U.S. Immigrants

May the beacon of hope offered by the Statue of Liberty to generations of immigrants and their families serve as a critical and beautiful reminder of the principles of inclusion and dignity it represents.


To Honor Albert Einstein

His legacy as a genius earns him a place in our history books. His legacy as a humanitarian earns him a place in our hearts.

Massimo Ferragamo

To Honor Salvatore And Wanda Ferragamo

“In the mist of the morning, I remember, as we were arriving, the only thing that was visible from afar—it seems incredible—was the Statue of Liberty.” Massimo Ferragamo

Diane von Furstenberg

To Honor Her Mother, Lily

“Every year on my birthday, my mother would tell me, ‘God saved me so that I can give you life. By giving you life, you gave me my life back. You are my torch of freedom.’ I have carried that torch all my life.” Diane von Furstenberg

Jeffrey & Paula Gural

To Honor His Great-Grandfather, Jacob Rabinowitz

“My family has benefitted greatly, and hopefully visitors to Liberty Island and the Museum will understand the sacrifices that were made.” Jeff Gural

The Hess Foundation

To Honor Leon & Norma Hess

Leon Hess believed business should be a force for good, creating jobs and making a positive impact on communities.

Peter & Judy Kovler

To Honor Their Mothers

“Looking back years later, we realized that in our youth we each had our own Lady Liberty: Our mothers, Margot Lansing and Marjorie Kovler. They personified what Bartholdi set out to do in copper, and their impact motivated our contribution.” Judy & Peter Kovler

Ralph & Ricky Lauren

To Honor Their Parents

This is the story of how those journeys—precipitated by persecution, but inspired by the American dream of a life of freedom and possibility—intersected in New York City, and remain at the heart of our family’s love of the homeland our parents gifted us.

Mellody Hobson & George Lucas

To Honor Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was a living, breathing Statue of Liberty. He, too, carried a torch—not just for the Olympics—but for the dignity of all people.

Nancy Maruyama

To Honor Her Parents

In 1942, the US government relocated more than 110,000 people of Japanese ancestry to remote, military-style relocation centers, including Nancy Maruyama’s parents, who were both American citizens.

The McCourt Family

To Honor Katherine McCourt

As she entered New York Harbor in 1908, 17-year-old Catherine Feeney looked at the Statue of Liberty and simply said, “It’s true!” Having fled poverty in Ireland and with America only existing in her imagination, Lady Liberty was powerful proof that the place, and its promise, were real.

Deborah Simon

To Honor Her Grandparents

“This country was founded on immigration, and immigrants make it the remarkable place it is today. We must make sure that the hope which drew them here—which the Statue represents to people around the world—never dies.” Deborah Simon

Stavros Niarchos Foundation

To Honor Those Who Sought A Better Future

Lady Liberty’s message, as understood by Lazarus and by generations of Americans, is one that looks to the future. And it is through this forward-looking message that a more meaningful connection between the story of the Statue of Liberty and Greek history emerges.

The Tisch Family

To Honor Sayde & Al Tisch

“America is filled with stories like ours, with roots the world over. To all those who work hard to become citizens of this great country, I want to say, ‘Welcome to the United States.’” Andrew Tisch