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Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty are national treasures. Rich with history and full of meaning, they honor the struggle that made our lives possible, and symbolize the ideals that unite us as a people.

Maintaining their legacies is our shared responsibility – a duty shouldered by an entire nation. Since day one, our preservation and enrichment efforts have been championed by everyday Americans of all stripes. It was families and communities who saved the statue from disrepair, and as we move toward the future, we are confident that together we can keep her torch burning bright for years to come.

Support our mission and play a part in the story of these remarkable monuments to freedom. Help us safeguard their stories, and keep them standing for years to come.

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Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty depend on individuals like you. Your tax-deductible contributions help us pursue our mission, and ensure the shores of Liberty remain open to the public. Give a gift, and help us tell the story of freedom.

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Members share our deep passion for education and community. By joining this special team of supporters, you help us pursue ongoing preservation efforts, expand our museums, and honor the continuum of American immigration.

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Pay tribute to a family member who has been touched by the American immigration experience. Inscribe their name to help us sustain these sacred symbols of reflection, inspiration, and freedom.

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Leave your mark on Liberty by signing onto our Founders Registry. This civic-minded community knows that small gestures can make big differences. With our Founders by our side, we are able to develop new public programs and expand our educational capabilities.

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The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation is dedicated to preserving two of America's most famous monuments to freedom. Find out how we pursue our mission, and learn more about our educational programs.