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Listing of shipping companies and vessels, mainly passenger ships from Europe. Many other interesting information nautical topics.
Comprehensive database about all types of ships, builders and overview of the history of the ship hull. Includes military ships, cargo ships as well as passenger ships.
Canadian historical database on ships built in Canada.
United Kingdom based web site that contains many lists on ships built in the United Kingdom, World War I and World War II historical information on these ships.
United States web site regarding military ships and the charter of many civilian ships during the wars.
United States Department of the Navy web site giving not only history of military ships but also of many civilian ships used by the military during the wars.
This Web site specialization is the many ships built on the Clyde River, Port of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland.
Web site that specializes in the Norwegian built or operated/chartered ships.
The Merchant Navy Association of the United Kingdom web site dealing with shipping companies and ships

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