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Ship Manifest
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 Associated Passenger Date of Arrival Port of Departure Line #
Page #  0227
 Ivancso, Fedor Jul 01, 1905 Fiume -
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Manifest for Ultonia
Sailing from Fiume
Name Gender Age Married Ethnicity Place of Residence
0001.  Metenykanico, Mihaly M 27y M Hungary, Slovak Kerecke
0002.  Petran, Lasplo M 46y M Hungary, Roumanian F.Oplo
0003.  Nclenics, Peter M 27y M Hungary, Ruthenian Orsano orpalor
0004.  Ilniczky, Pal M 36y M Hungary, Slovak f.patak
0005.  Ilniczky, Janos M 25y S Hungary, Slovak 0.Esertesz
0006.  Ivancso, Fedor M 41y M Hungary, Slovak Ivaskofalva
0007.  Sos, Ludvig M 25y S Hungary, Croatian Vukovjc
0008.  Vagy, Sandor M 29y M Hungary, Magyar Diosgyor
0009.  Simon, Peter M 16y S Hungary, Ruthenian Husztsofalu
0010.  Lodar, Istvan M 27y M Hungary, Magyar Kassa Hans
0011.  Dzelenka, Gyorgy M 27y M Hungary, Slovak Szaspoka
0012.  Popovics, Lasplo M 25y M Hungary, Ruthenian Otgvosfalva
0013.  Nikolecz, Niklos M 32y M Hungary, Ruthenian Osandorpaluar
0015.  Prodan, Mikula M 28y M Hungary, Ruthenian Herilbcse
0016.  Jovcsock, Janos M 33y M Hungary, Ruthenian Herilbcse
0017.  Felcsan, Ivan M 38y M Hungary, Slovak Kovesd
0018.  Autaloszki, Janos M 35y M Hungary, Slovak Bubuliska
0019.  Torok, Foltare M 38y S Hungary, Magyar Bekes
0020.  Namae, Janos M 16y S Hungary, Ruthenian Huszt
0021.  Kricsfalusy, Lasplo M 33y M Hungary, Ruthenian Sanolorfalso
0022.  Turjanicza, Marva M 33y M Hungary, Slovak Patkanyoc
0023.  Kovacs, Gyorgy M 37y M Hungary, Ruthenian Otvosfalu
0025.  Kricsfalusy, Ivan M 17y M Hungary, Ruthenian Krisfalusi
0026.  Esupra, Ferencz M 36y M Hungary, Ruthenian Kricsfalusi
0027.  Kricsfalusy, Ferencz M 38y M Hungary, Ruthenian Kricsfalusi
0028.  Bencra, Gyorgy M 35y M Hungary, Ruthenian Kricsfalusi
0029.  Horvath, Vendel M 30y M Hungary, Magyar Pecs
0030.  Szabo, Jozsef M 34y M Hungary, Magyar Obany Szanto
 Associated Passenger Date of Arrival Port of Departure Line # Page #  52
 Ivancso, Fedor Jul 01, 1905 Fiume -
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