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Here’s the list of 13 passengers on the President Lincoln. When you select a passenger you can click on the appropriate links to view that Passenger Record, copy of the original Ship’s Passenger Manifest and description and/or picture of the Ship of Travel.
Name of Passenger Residence Age Crew Passenger Record Ship Manifest Ship Image
1. BAOND,GERGI Ohmuk (M. LIBUN), SYRIA 20Y View View View
3. GARBAUIO,FEDERIC 26Y View View View
4. Morche,OTTO BERLIN, GERMANY 27y View View View
5. OBEID,SIMAN LANA (M. LIBUN), SYRIA 25y View View View
6. Omeid,HANNA LANA (M. LIBUN), SYRIA 23y View View View
7. Schildknecht,Arnold St. Gall, Switzerland 7Y View View View
8. Schildknecht,Josef St. Gall, Switzerland 39Y View View View
9. Schildknecht,Lena St. Gall, Switzerland 36y View View View
10. Schildknecht,Walter St. Gall, Switzerland 9y View View View
11. Schildknecht,Werner St. Gall, Switzerland 11y View View View
12. SCHIMCH,Leopold BERLIN, GERMANY 32Y View View View
13. Taorm,EMIL MEIRINGEN, SWITZERLAND 23y View View View
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