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Matching Passenger Records
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Below are the records that match the name you entered. If you don't find the passenger you seek on this group of records don't give up! Also, many passengers' names were misspelled. You can also try clicking on the "close matches" or "alternate spellings" boxes at the top of the page to ask the system to search for spellings that have similar sound values. (e.g. Lansky, Lanski, Landski would all sound the same.)

  Exact Matches (23)
  Name of Passenger Residence Arrived Age on Arrival Passenger Record Ship Manifest Ship Image  
1. Adolf Wondra    Wien    1906  View View View  
2. Andres Wondra    Buduors    1902  31  View View View  
3. Anna Wondra    Rozahegy, Hungary    1913  19  View View View  
4. Augustina Wondra    Zwillan, Moravia    1912  18  View View View  
5. Etel Wondra    Budapest, Hungary    1911  View View View  
6. Frank Wondra    U.S.    1907  39  View View View  
7. Frantisek Wondra    Rejckov    1903  17  View View View  
8. Franz Wondra    Kolodej, Austria    1914  27  View View View  
9. Franz Wondra    Mahrtruban, Austria    1914  28  View View View  
10. Franz Wondra    Schenectady, NY    1923  41  View View View  
11. Georg Wondra    New York, N.Y.    1912  View View View  
12. Iwan Wondra    Yvanovoselo, Hungary    1910  50  View View View  
13. Johann Wondra    Obu Kranpen    1905  35  View View View  
14. Josef Wondra    Vienna, Austria    1921  19  View View View  
15. Karl Wondra    Fruban, Austria    1907  20  View View View  
16. Magdalena Wondra    Langenlotsch, Austria    1914  32  View View View  
17. Maria Wondra    Budapest, Hungary    1911  20  View View View  
18. Marie Wondra    Rozsahegy, Hungary    1913  23  View View View  
19. Paula Wondra    Wien    1906  35  View View View  
20. Rudolf Wondra    Numburge    1908  25  View View View  
21. Sophie Wondra    New York, N.Y.    1912  30  View View View  
22. Stefanie Wondra    M. Truban, Morovia    1902  20  View View View  
23. Stefanie Wondra    Tribau    1905  23  View View View  

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