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Matching Passenger Records
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Below are the records that match the name you entered. If you don't find the passenger you seek on this group of records don't give up! Also, many passengers' names were misspelled. You can also try clicking on the "close matches" or "alternate spellings" boxes at the top of the page to ask the system to search for spellings that have similar sound values. (e.g. Lansky, Lanski, Landski would all sound the same.)

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  Name of Passenger Residence Arrived Age on Arrival Passenger Record Ship Manifest Ship Image  
1. Andras Brdar    Nagyszabos, Hungary    1910  View View View  
2. Andras Brdar    Nagyszabos, Hungary    1910  40  View View View  
3. Angja Brdar    Sosice    1900  17  View View View  
4. Bozo Brdar    Meeznice, Austria    1910  29  View View View  
5. Dane Brdar    Petrovaselvo, Croatia    1907  18  View View View  
6. Dragutin Brdar    Zabrisce Liwno, YougoSlavia    1922  22  View View View  
7. Ely Brdar    Raguse, Herzegov (U.S.A.)    1920  29  View View View  
8. Filip Brdar    Grobnik, Slorenian    1910  29  View View View  
9. Flija Brdar        1905  30  View View View  
10. FODOR BRDAR    MRSZNICA    1901  23  View View View  
11. Franko Brdar    Losice    1903  37  View View View  
12. Ilia Brdar    Stjenjani, Austria    1910  16  View View View  
13. Ivan Brdar    Buzdohany    1907  View View View  
14. Ivan Brdar    Buzdohany    1907  28  View View View  
15. Ivanica Brdar    Bitelic, Yougoslavia    1922  29  View View View  
16. Janja Brdar    Zlyeg, Hungary    1906  27  View View View  
17. Janos Brdar    Jehetelekota, Hungary    1907  32  View View View  
18. Jela Brdar    Raguse, Herzegov    1920  29  View View View  
19. Johan Brdar    Chicago, Ill.    1914  View View View  
20. Josep Brdar    Zlobin    1905  35  View View View  
21. Jozo Brdar    Zabrsce, Austria    1907  26  View View View  
22. Juro Brdar    Kalinja    1903  17  View View View  
23. Kuzma Brdar    Grobnik    1905  25  View View View  
24. Ljubica Brdar    Chicago, Ill.    1914  21  View View View  
25. Louis Brdar    Chicago, Ill.    1914  View View View  
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