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Adam Sanetra
Annotation created by Julie Cabitto, Sep 24, 2009
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  Passenger Record   Annotation
First Name: Adam     
Last Name: Sanetra     
Ethnicity: Austria, Polish     
Place of Residence: Zablocse     Zywiec-Zablocie, Bielsko, Poland
Age & Gender: 27M     
Marital Status: M     
Date of Arrival: Feb 05, 1904     
Ship of Travel: Blucher     
Port of Departure: New York     
  Life in the United States   Annotation
Date of Birth:    5 Dec 1876 Zywiec, Bielsko, Poland
Date of Death:    27 Apr 1927 Zywiec, Bielsko, Poland (Slaskie)
Occupation:    finish carpenter
Spouse:    Rosalie Wandzel & Alfreda Mazurkiewicz
Children:    Bronislawa, Stanley, Paul, Ervin, Bronislaw, Jozef, Jadwiga
Other Relatives in U.S.:    Karol Janik, Kasimierz Bazarnik, Ignace Baranowski
Where Settled in U.S.:    Chicago, IL
Military Experience:    
Religious Community:    Catholic
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