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For many American's alive today, it is difficult to imagine the deep range of feelings that newly arriving immigrants had upon their arrival at Ellis Island. More than a century after first opening on January 1, 1892, the site is still an emotional and unforgettable part of the histories for nearly half of American families. In the Main Building of the former immigration station complex, a unique museum now preserves this important part of American history.

Ellis Island Then...
The Great Hall, housed within the Main Building at Ellis Island, is the location where millions of immigrants waited anxiously for medical and legal processing.

This now familiar structure opened in 1900 after fire destroyed the original.

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Ellis Island Now...
A view of the Main Building at Ellis Island as seen from the deck of the Circle Line-Statue of Liberty Ferry.

The historic structure now houses the Ellis Island Immigration Museum and the island grounds also contain The American Immigrant Wall of Honor®.

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