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Once you see Search Results, you may need to narrow or widen your search. On the Passenger Search Profile, just click "Edit" for any category. You'll be able to add or change passenger information and search again.
To find out more, click one of the questions below.
How Can I Refine the Name?
How Should I Refine Ethnicity?
How Can I Refine the Name

Because immigrants' names or spellings of names often changed upon arrival in the U.S., you may need to consider alternatives to the name you gave. "Refine Name and Gender" allows you to select up to two alternate spellings for the passenger, or to type an alternate spelling of your own.

Tip: Try not to change the name too much-if you'd like to search for a different passenger, click "Start a New Search."

How Should I Refine Ethnicity?

"Ethnicity" is one of the trickiest categories in the historical record. Outdated or incorrect terms; confusion over race, religion, and nationality; and everyday errors found their way into the original records. For the widest search, select all the ethnicities listed for your passenger. To try narrowing the results, select fewer. Then click 'Search.'

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