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Genealogy Learning Center

Family history research has long been one of America's most popular pastimes.  In fact, in some cultures, family members can trace their lineage back more than a thousand years! Throughout the last decade, widespread use of technology and the Internet have fueled significant advancements in the field of genealogy making it more popular now than ever before.  In response to the frequent questions from the millions of visitors to Ellis Island each year, we offer some basic assistance to help you in the pursuit of your own family history.
Genealogy Learning Center
Genealogy Getting Started Tips
This section is an introduction to family history research,
a "Genealogy 101" to guide you through the basic steps involved in recording your heritage. This step-by-step approach will enable you to quickly grasp the key concepts that are involved in all levels of genealogy research.

Genealogy Charts & Forms
We have created a variety of free downloadable documents that you can print, copy, and share freely with others as you organize your family data. Multi-generation Pedigree Charts, Family Group Sheets, and other documents are stored in the popular Adobe Acrobat Reader® format and should be accessible by most computers.

Locating a Genealogy Society
If you're looking for others that share your interest in one or more aspects of genealogy, there are hundreds of societies serving the needs of researchers. Not only will you learn more about genealogy, but you're sure to make some new friends who share your passion for looking into the past. Genealogical, historical, ethnic heritage, and family societies have been the foundation of American genealogy for more than a century. To connect you with an area of particular interest, we have established the Ellis Island Society Links Network. This service will be available shortly.

Hiring a Professional Genealogist
This section contains information about professional genealogists and why they may be worthy of consideration to assist you with your research or genealogy-related project. Through an alliance with the Association of Professional Genealogists, we'll connect you with individuals skilled in different geographic, ethnic, and other areas of research specialty.

Helpful Web Sites for Genealogy Research
Whether you search the Web for the terms genealogy, family history, family tree, or even the popular misspelling (geneology), you'll notice there are more Internet sites dealing with genealogy than you could possibly visit with more being published every day. This section introduces you to just a few of the places online that you are likely to find of general interest relating to your family history research.

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