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Ellis Island Passenger Arrival Records - Famous Arrivals It has been more than a century since the "Golden Doors" of Ellis Island first opened to immigrants in search of the American dream. Both Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty have become powerful symbols of the freedom and opportunity that awaited millions of men, women, and children from around the world. Who could possibly have imagined the notoriety that would someday surround many of these passengers.

In many cases, the contributions of an individual immigrant are known only to their family and friends. In some cases, however, passengers arriving through Ellis Island and Port of New York would achieve recognition for contributions in American business, medicine, government, sports, entertainment, and a variety of other areas.

The list below is a small sampling of notable Ellis Island and Port of New York arrivals some immigrants, some simply travelers who were American citizens. Undoubtedly, you'll recognize some of the passengers, but others may surprise you. By looking at the details of their passenger manifests, you may find a strong similarity to your own family story. We hope you enjoy these examples of American immigration history.

Passenger Arrival Year Claim to Fame Click to View Details
Annie Moore1892First arrival through Ellis IslandCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Antonius Dvorak1892ComposerCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Fritz Austerlitz1892Father of dancer Fred AstaireCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Rudyard Kipling1892Writer, PoetCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Israel Beilin1893Composer/Musician Irving BerlinCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Moses Teichman1897Dancer Arthur MurrayCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Angelo Siciliano1903Bodybuilder Charles AtlasCertificate  Manifest  Ship
William Claude Fields1903Comedian W.C. FieldsCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Enrico Caruso1904Musician, Opera singerCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Johann Weissmuller1905Actor and Olympian Johnny WeissmullerCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Henry Youngman1906Comedian Henny YoungmanCertificate  Manifest  Ship
John & Mable Ringling1906Circus OwnerCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Giacomo Puccini1907Opera composerCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Gustav Mahler1908Composer, musicianCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Leslie Hape1908Actor/Comedian Bob HopeCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Arturo Toscanini1909Musical Conductor (1 of 5 arrivals)Certificate  Manifest  Ship
Carl Jung1909PhysicianCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Sigmund Freud1909PhysicianCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Lily Chauchoin1911Actress Claudette ColbertCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Arthur Stanley Jefferson1912Stan Laurel of Laurel and HardyCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Barbara West1912Titanic SurvivorCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Charles Chaplin1912Actor/Director Charlie ChaplinCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Leopold Stokowski1912Musical ConductorCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Madeline Astor1912Titanic SurvivorCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Woodrow Wilson1912U.S. PresidentCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Rodolfo Guglielmi1913Silent actor Rudolph ValentinoCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Harry Houdini1914MagicianCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Theodore Roosevelt1914U.S. PresidentCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Javier Cugat1915Violinist, BandleaderCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Pablo Casals1916Master cellist, musicianCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Herbert Hoover1917U.S. PresidentCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Sergei Rachmaninoff1918Composer, conductor, pianistCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Walter Elias Disney1919Pioneering entertainerCertificate  Manifest  Ship
William Tyson1919Father of actress Cicely TysonCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Archibald Alec Leach1920Film star Cary GrantCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Bela Lugosi1920Actor, Count DraculaCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Albert Einstein1921Professor, Nobel Prize in PhysicsCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Cole Porter1921Composer, songs and musicalsCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Ernst Lubitsch1921Film DirectorCertificate  Manifest  Ship
F. Scott Fitzgerald1921American novelistCertificate  Manifest  Ship
George M. Cohan1921Songwriter / ComposerCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Leslie Howard1921Actor, Gone with the WindCertificate  Manifest  Ship
William H. Taft1921U.S. PresidentCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Maurice Chevalier1922Comedian, ActorCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Joseph Conrad1923AuthorCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Pietro Berra1923Father of Yogi BerraCertificate  Manifest  Ship
George Gershwin1924Composer, songs and musicalsCertificate  Manifest  Ship
Jascha Heifetz1924Master ViolinistCertificate  Manifest  Ship

If you know the details for another Ellis Island passenger arrival worthy of consideration for this list,
please send us an email with passenger name, ship, date of arrival, and claim to fame.

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