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Crossing the Hudson River on their way to Ellis Island are Wally
Forbes, Avon Chairman and CEO Andrea Jung, recipient of the B.C.
Forbes Peopling of America Award for Business, Tim Forbes, and
Kip Forbes.

Lee Iacocca and Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News Anchor and
Managing Editor, chat in the Great Hall.

Bruce Springsteen, Entertainment recipient, is welcomed to Ellis
Island by Stephen Briganti, Foundation President & CEO.

Bruce Springsteen and Dikembe Mutombo share a laugh as fellow
honorees Andrea Jung and Pete Peterson look on.

Andrea Jung and Josie Natori, Foundation Board Member, enjoy the
wit of Brian Williams, who hosted the Awards.

After receiving his grandfather Antonio Zerilliís 1900 manifest, Bruce
Springsteen is joined on stage by his aunt Dora Kirby, 90, mother
Adele Springsteen, 85, and aunt Ida Urbellis, 87, the daughters of
Antonio and Adela (Sorrentino) Zerilli.

The 2010 Ellis Island Family Heritage Award recipients: Peter G.
Peterson, Andrea Jung, Bruce Springsteen, and Dikembe Mutombo.

Photo Credit: Diane Bondareff

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