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The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. worked with its partner, the National Park Service, and EarthCam to make these extraordinary views a reality.

Not since 1916 when access to the Statue’s Torch was closed to visitors has the public been able to view New York Harbor and its surrounding shores from the Torch. But now, the first ever TorchCam allows people around the world to see these panoramic images from any computer or smart phone.

Cameras provide unobstructed LIVE views of the famed New York City skyline, along with exceptional views of the majestic Hudson River, ships in New York Harbor and Lady Liberty herself.

Up-close-and-personal ultra wide-angle view of the Torch allows you to zoom in and out, see the Torch as never before with full details on how it's designed and lit.
Interactive zoom allows you to zoom down from Liberty's torch to amazingly close-up views of her Crown, Tablet, and even visitors on the ground. No kidding! Try it!
Live Streaming View from the Torch
LIVE streaming view of New York Harbor allows you to watch the boats cruising by in real time or zoom in for a close up view of the New York City skyline. You may even spot a cruise ship - cool!
Statue of Liberty Cam
Full "beauty shot" view of Lady Liberty from across the harbor in Brooklyn streaming in real time. Allows you to zoom in and appreciate all her beauty day or night.
Interactive Panorama from the top of the Statue of Liberty TorchCam
Spectacular interactive panoramic view of New York Harbor with views of historic Ellis Island, New Jersey, NYC skyline, Queens and Governor's Island. Zoom in and take the ride -- it's breath-taking!

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