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First Name: Diana
Last Name: Ray
Immigrant's Country of Origin: Switzerland
Year of Arrival: 1910
Story: My grandfather, Oscar Ertler, was 10-years- old when he arrived on a ship The Bremer at Ellis Island on June 8th,1910 with his parents and brothers and sisters. They came from Zurich, Switzerland and settled in Portland, Oregon.

Oscar grew up to have many trades such as carpenter, auto mechanic, and painter of autos and houses. He also had many talents as well. He could play any musical instrument and was a very good artist. Oscar married and had two sons. Oscar died in 1949.

I never knew my grandfather, but I was told he was a very good man with a great sense of humor and very smart, that there wasn't anything he couldn't fix. I feel I missed out on knowing and having one of the greatest grandfathers who ever walked on this earth!!

So when my family and I visited Ellis Island and found all the records on him and his family arriving at Ellis Island, I was in awe of seeing all the details and records right there in front of my eyes. I could picture him being there as a boy with his family going through all of the steps and medical exams and the excitement they must have felt to be here in America! Oscar loved America so much he became an American citizen. So I wanted to honor him by adding his name to the Wall of Honor since I could not do so in life.

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